Housewashing Benefits And Signs You Need An External Soft Wash

Clean your Solar Panels

Your home is your sanctuary and castle. When we’ve had enough with the outside world, it’s where we go to seek comfort and be ourselves.

Like a soothing blanket or faithful pup, our home can make us feel better. But like those things, it also needs to be nurtured and needs a good wash from time to time. We like to feel good about how our home looks because it’s a part of us and our lives.  

In this blog post, we’ll explain why soft house washing is important to keep your home looking in top condition. And we’ll reveal the most common signs it’s time you booked an external house wash to keep it sparkling and maintain its value.

Benefits of soft house washing

Over time, the exterior of your home can start to look dull, tired and dirty; even decrepit if it’s not cared for. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on landscaping or an expensive and stressful repaint job, a professional soft house wash is often all it takes to make it look brand new again.

In fact, if you are considering a paint job, you ought to do a mould killing soft house wash first anyway. It’s widely acknowledged as the best preparation for the paint and will help it to last longer, saving you money in the long run. Bear in mind that washing with just water, or water and sugar soap, won’t do the job effectively to kill the mould. But a professional mould killing soft wash will.

Like everything, your home needs to be loved, cleaned and maintained in order to keep it in top condition. For example; house washing can stop algae and mould from eating into the house exterior surfaces and prolong the paint life.

Not only that, but housewashing can reduce the chance of sickness as a result of mould and mildew spores. That’s right, mould and mildew have been known to cause respiratory problems, common allergic reaction symptoms, nervous-system disorders and depression. A professional house wash is a small price to pay for you and your family’s health.

Housewashing vs. pressure cleaning

A lot of people think that since they have a brick house, they are safe to pressure wash their home.

Think again!

Old brick and mortar are actually quite soft. It can easily be blasted away with high-pressure cleaning. So, the safe and recommended way to do an effective house wash is with mould killer, hose water and a broom. This is called a soft wash.

Soft washing of timber houses is highly recommended to prevent paint stripping, for the longevity of wash and to prevent the house filling up with water from high-pressure cleaning techniques.

Here at Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning, we’ve visited brick homes where the mortar has been almost completely blasted away and paint stripped from timber clad houses by pressure washing. This can incur a huge expense if the house needs to be repainted as a result.

Don’t take the risk! Get a soft house wash.

Indicators you need a house wash

Below are the most obvious signs you’re well overdue for a house wash.

1. Mould on exterior walls, eaves or gutters

Mould is usually black or green in colour, occurring in various forms. It happens due to our humid climate and dampness, being generally predominant on the southern side of the house. It also often arises where trees and bushes shade or hug the house exterior.

2. Dark external walls via pollution from busy roads

Dirt, mould, dust and grime can accumulate on the walls of your home and turn them dark in colour quickly, especially if you are located on or near a busy traffic road. This grime looks even worse if your house is a light colour, as many are in Queensland.

Housewashing can be done at any time of the year and will undoubtedly add value to your home, giving it a great presentation without costing you a tonne of money. We highly recommend a soft wash pre renting or selling to achieve the best possible price.

How often should you get your house soft washed? A general rule of thumb is every 2-3 years depending on your location, any surrounding vegetation and the quality of the paint applied to the exterior of your home. Keeping an eye on the exterior will let you know when it’s time to act.

So, have a good look at your home this weekend; look up and consider whether it’s time you got a housewash to keep it looking pristine (remember, soft wash only!)

If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact David at Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning and Soft House Washing. We’ll walk through the process with you and answer any concerns you may have.


Why Driveway Pressure Cleaning Is Essential This Winter

Clean your Solar Panels

Winter is coming. It’s that time of year again when we rug up and get the house in order so we can survive the chills of the coming months. You’re probably already dusting off your portable heaters and stowing away outdoor furniture that’s not suited to the wind and rain.

But have you thought about your driveway pressure cleaning needs yet? – maybe on the back burner because you are so damn busy?

Winter is actually the ideal dryer time to wash your driveway, patio, pathways, fences and pool surrounds. And high-pressure cleaning is the way to do it effectively.

High-pressure washing or cleaning removes everything from mould, grime, dirt, oil stains and chewing gum. Plus, it works on any surface, whether concrete, asphalt, decorative brick or iron and timber fences.

In this blog post, we’ll explain exactly why driveway pressure cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list right now and provide a fuss-free solution to get it done...

Reasons for driveway pressure cleaning

There are heaps of reasons why you should be high-pressure washing outside your property this season, but here are our top three:

1. Avoid accidents and illness

Mould spores are not at all good for your health. Moulds can cause nasal congestion, throat and eye irritation, coughing or wheezing. Particularly in winter, when our immune systems are under more pressure, it’s a good idea to clean up to avoid these symptoms.

Not only that; fungus, dust, algae, moss and grease on outside surfaces cause them to become black and slippery. This can be dangerous, particularly for elderly residents or children running around outside on your drive or paths- leading to a broken or sprained limb

Pressure washing removes the deep deposits of oil and grease content from the surface of your driveway, returning it to its original colour and safe texture.

2. Improves Presentation

This is an obvious one. But you’d be surprised at just how much better your property looks when it’s been pressure cleaned.

Pressure cleaning is a quick way to restore your property to its former glory. So if you’re entertaining or hosting an important event like a birthday or Easter celebration, don’t forget that first impressions are everything - “ feel good about how your home looks!”

Here at Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning, our washes include safe mould killer, So your driveway cleans up fast and looks good right away, it also extends the longevity of the wash. So, it looks great for longer and can even extend the life of the colour in your driveway.

3. Add value

We’ve already talked about how good your property will look once it has been pressure cleaned. But think about what that means if you’re preparing your house for sale or rental: high-pressure washing can actually add value to your property! “Presentation is everything”

Think about it; why would you get your carpet professionally cleaned, but not the outside areas?

Our fuss-free solution

Don’t worry, we get it. Not everyone has the time to be washing their driveway and paving. Cleaning the outside of your property is one of those things that always gets pushed further and further down the to do list because of time or family pressures.

So let us do it for you.

What sets Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning apart is that all our washes use effective safe mould killer. This keeps the grime and mould at bay far longer than using just water which we all know renders the wash only short term.

In fact, we’re so confident of the quality and longevity of our washes that we give Brisbane’s only, 2 years written warranty – No questions asked!

Feel good about how your home looks, add value and make it safe for people to enjoy, and save your valuable time and a sore back.   Contact David at Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning for a FREE consultation today.

Power Prices up Again

Clean your Solar Panels

Yes, surprise, surprise - power prices are up again. This means that now, more than ever, you need to maintain your solar panels to ensure you are getting the best performance out of them. This will help negate the price hike and minimise the impact on your weekly budget.

Winter is now here and we are using more power on heaters and hot water to keep warm – your power usage tends to go up in the peak expensive times in the morning and early evenings.

You well know that the big electricity companies don’t care about you – only about how much money they can extract from you. We as consumers need to act and take control, at least look after our little patch and keep our power bills down as much as possible.

So how can we do this? Take the time to make sure that your solar panels are always clean and shiny to be able to take best advantage of the sunlight available. This is especially important at this time of year as the sunlight hours are a lot less than in the summer months.

Grime builds up quickly on the panels from over head plane fuel, car fumes and general pollution especially near busy roads. Rain does not take off the grime – only the light dust. You also need to ensure that your inverter is working well by checking it once a week.

Beat the massive power price hikes now! Call David for a solar panel wash and free advice to keep your expensive investment performing at its best for longer and shun those greedy power companies.

Safety Tip
Please do not clean your solar panels yourself. Keep off ladders and keep off roofs. Your health and safety is worth far more than the small amount it will cost to employ a professional to do the job.

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety

Last year Alfred Health released a study into ladder-related falls, which found a sharp increase in serious injury resulting from a ladder fall, particularly among the ‘baby-boomer’ generation.

Below are some tips to follow for safe ladder use. Note that if you are over 55 or inexperienced, that the recommendation is to hire a professional. So remember, I am your man when it comes to cleaning solar panels and gutters.

Follow these tips to remain as safe as possible when using a ladder ...

  • Avoid climbing a ladder if possible
  • If over 55 years of age, hire a professional
  • If inexperienced in ladder use, hire a professional

Ladder inspection

  • Do not use a ladder if timber steps are splintered or cracked, or if metal steps are twisted or warped
  • Check the ladder for any loose screws, hinges or rungs
  • Clean off any mud, grease, oil, or other slippery liquids that may have accumulated on the ladder
  • Do not make temporary repairs of broken or missing parts, as these may fail during climbing

Ladder set-up

  • Never place a ladder on uneven ground or flooring
  • Use the 4-to-1 rule: ensure that the ladder is 1 metre away from the wall at the base for every 4 metres that the ladder rises. The upper and lower sections of an extension ladder should overlap to provide stability
  • Do not place stepladders or single/extension ladders on boxes, countertops or unstable surfaces to gain additional height
  • Before using a stepladder, ensure that it is fully open and that the braces between the two sections are fully extended and locked
  • Ensure that the ladder is leaning against a stable structure, which cannot break or move away

Ladder safety

  • Wear a helmet when climbing a ladder
  • Ensure that shoes have slip-resistant soles
  • Maintain 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times ie. two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot
  • Do not over reach – descend and move the ladder if required
  • Leaning too far to one side, or reaching too far overhead can destabilise the ladder. Your umbilicus should not go beyond the sides of the ladder
  • Have someone stand at the base of the ladder to brace it and observe the climber
  • On a single or extension ladder, never stand above the third rung from the top and never climb above the point where the ladder touches the wall or vertical support
  • The highest standing level on a stepladder should be two steps down from the top
  • Do not stand on the top plate, side braces or back section of a step ladder
  • Do not overload the ladder. Use only light weight hand tools whilst standing on the ladder
  • Avoid using a ladder after drinking alcohol
  • Avoid using a ladder if prone to fainting, or are taking medications that predispose to dizziness

So beware of the ladder. It might seem like a simple job, but is it worth the risk? Remember if you are over 55 or inexperienced - hire a professional. We can help with cleaning your solar panels and cleaning your gutters.

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Article courtesy of Alfred Health