Getting the Best from your Solar Panels

Cleaning solar panels

Winter is coming to an end and we are heading into the spring / summer period with extended hours of valuable free sunshine.

So it's time to boost your solar power output credits to reduce that annoying power bill - the bill that comes without fail, once a quarter to erode your bank balance – without even a small thank you from your supplier for the many years of loyalty that you have given!

How can you keep your power bills in credit with those expensive solar panels you have installed - to combat the price gouging from money hungry power companies?
Here are some simple ways to stay on top:

  • Have your panels professionally cleaned every 1-2 years

  • Every year if on a busy road or constantly under a flight path to the airport

  • Cleaning can increase power output from panels by up to 30% straight away

  • Rain does not wash off aircraft / road film - only dust

  • Cleaning preserves the life of your solar panels

  • Correct cleaning is with a soft broom and soapy water

  • Keep an eye on your inverter to check that it is functioning properly.

  • If you are unsure call a solar repairer / electrician.

  • Check your warranty!

  • Don’t risk a nasty fall off the roof to save a few dollars – it could be terminal!

If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact David at Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning . We’ll walk through the process with you and answer any concerns you may have.

Our Pressure Cleaning, House Washing and Solar Panel Cleaning is helping to reduce the GRIME RATE in Carindale, Mansfield, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart and surrounding suburbs.