Power Prices up Again

Clean your Solar Panels

Yes, surprise, surprise - power prices are up again. This means that now, more than ever, you need to maintain your solar panels to ensure you are getting the best performance out of them. This will help negate the price hike and minimise the impact on your weekly budget.

Winter is now here and we are using more power on heaters and hot water to keep warm – your power usage tends to go up in the peak expensive times in the morning and early evenings.

You well know that the big electricity companies don’t care about you – only about how much money they can extract from you. We as consumers need to act and take control, at least look after our little patch and keep our power bills down as much as possible.

So how can we do this? Take the time to make sure that your solar panels are always clean and shiny to be able to take best advantage of the sunlight available. This is especially important at this time of year as the sunlight hours are a lot less than in the summer months.

Grime builds up quickly on the panels from over head plane fuel, car fumes and general pollution especially near busy roads. Rain does not take off the grime – only the light dust. You also need to ensure that your inverter is working well by checking it once a week.

Beat the massive power price hikes now! Call David for a solar panel wash and free advice to keep your expensive investment performing at its best for longer and shun those greedy power companies.

Safety Tip
Please do not clean your solar panels yourself. Keep off ladders and keep off roofs. Your health and safety is worth far more than the small amount it will cost to employ a professional to do the job.