Q. Why should we get our House Washed?

A1.      House Washing is a good investment to aesthetically enhance your valuable property, increase its street appeal, particularly, if you’re considering selling or renting the property in the foreseeable future;

A2.     For painted dwellings/buildings – a wash will extend the longevity of the painted surface, maintaining its good order, ultimately saving you the major expense of painting the dwelling, well before time;

A3.     Alternatively, if the property is ready for a paint, our soft hand wash services prior, will professionally prepare the dwelling perfectly – your painter will thank you!

A4.     Again, engaging our professional house washing services will free up your time spent in property maintenance, and also prevent any injuries which may occur from a fall off a ladder or roof.


Q. Are Quotations Free of Charge?

A.        Yes.  We provide fixed fee quotations, so there are no nasty surprises at invoice time. 


Q. What is actually washed on my Dwelling / Property?

A.        A comprehensive Dwelling Soft Hand Wash, from the gutters to the ground, comprising: Gables; Gutters; Fascias; Eaves; Walls; Windows and Screens; Downpipes.


Q. What is not washed on my Dwelling / Property?

A.        The roof.   We are happy to refer you to a range of professional tradespeople such as Roof Cleaners and Window Cleaners (inside and out).   However, we do wash Patio Ceilings/Patiotops and Rooftops as required.

Q. Will you strip the paint on the surfaces of my Dwelling / Property?

A1.        No.  All house washes are done by a soft hand wash, utilizing sugar soap, mould-killer, a soft broom and hose only.   Previous results have proven time and time again that this procedure works best for a quality long-lasting clean. 

A2.       Our Pressure Cleaning equipment is not utilized on such cleaning, unless specifically requested.  These procedures conducted by our business are recommended by reputable Painting Trade Professionals.  Pressure Cleaning a House alone will not effectively prepare the paint’s surface, unfortunately resulting in mould reappearing sooner than is desirable.


Q. Will you leave a Mess at our Dwelling / Property?

A.      No.  We take pride in our workmanship, and always endeavor to clean up all residue/water in and around the work site.


Q. Will I have to be home when you conduct the Work, and to pay you?

A.        No.  Our work can be carried out whilst you are not home (in your absence, we connect to your water tank or mains supply).  We simply conduct our work and leave our tax invoice in your mailbox (or email by request).


Q. Does Water come into our Dwelling/Property?

A.       Occasionally, this can occur.  However, we provide towels to place inside of the window sills and doors, to catch any potential overflow.  We strongly recommend you take the precaution of closing all windows, prior to the wash.


Q. How long can we expect the House Wash to Last?

A.       In our experience, typically, the house wash shall remain in excess three years.


Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning Guarantee

Q. Are you validly Insured?

A.       Yes.  We maintain Public Liability Insurance cover of $20,000,000.  We also have current Queensland Police Service and Blue Card (working with children) checks.


Q. What Safety / OH&S Procedures do you use?

A.       We utilize industry recommended procedures such as displaying witches hats; the placement of cleaning signs in and around each job, to alert vehicular and pedestrian traffic to the work site.


Q. What do I do to prepare for the House Wash?

A.       Generally, please ensure all windows are shut; animals are inside or safely secured in a kennel outside; remove clothing from the clothes lines.  If there are any further matters particular to your property, we will advise you at the time of quotation.


Q. How will I know you are Trustworthy and will do a Quality Job?

A.       It is in our interest to do a great job, as you will utilise our services in the future, and hopefully recommend us, in turn, to your friends and family.  Our existing clientele are our best repeat clientele, and so, we go to some effort to ensure you are happy with our workmanship.


Q. How much do you charge for House Washing?

A1.      Our fixed fee quotation will depend upon the size of the dwelling and/or property; its height; degree of dirtiness and location.  Generally, our fixed fees will range from $300 to $550.  Townhouse complexes generally being smaller dwellings, attract fees on the lower end of this range. 

A2.      Our exclusive 2 Year Warranty is also provided on the House Wash; valued at $250 alone.


Q. How will your Warranty be Honoured?

A1.     Our Exclusive Warranty is unique to Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning, and comprises a core value of our customer service standards;

A2.     Simply telephone our office or David direct to request the Warranty be honoured;

A3.     We have a high number of clientele whom engage us for repeat work in the local vicinity.  As such, it is in our business’ interests to return to promptly return to the property, upon request. 

Helping to reduce the GRIME RATE in Mt Gravatt

Our Pressure Cleaning, House Washing and Solar Panel Cleaning is helping to reduce the GRIME RATE in Carindale, Mansfield, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart and surrounding suburbs.

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