Q. What are the Benefits of Pressure Cleaning?

A1.      Pressure Cleaning your Driveway/Patio/Pathways or Pool surrounds is a good investment to aesthetically enhance your valuable property, increase its street appeal and particularly, if you’re considering selling or renting the property in the foreseeable future;

A2.     Engaging our professional pressure cleaning services will free up your time spent in property maintenance;

A3.     Prevention of injuries, which may occur from a slip and fall injury, due to slippery mould or grime on your property.

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Q. How do you Pressure Clean my Property?

A1.      We prepare the surfaces by applying a safe mould-remover (safe to pets and plants) to the respective surfaces, wash off the grime with our pressure cleaners, rinse the surface again to remove any residual marks, and leave a clean finish.


Q. How long will the clean last?

A1.      Generally in excess of three years, due to the mould-remover application applied prior to cleaning the surfaces.  It is not recommended that when cleaning property areas yourself, that you utilize cheap bleach or chemicals from hardware stores, or water alone, as these are quite ineffective, in the long term.  Mould returns quicker than expected, especially during rainy periods.

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Q. Will the surface or stones be removed from my Driveway/Pathways when cleaning?

A1.      In most instances, no.  Very minor lifting may occur when the mould-remover applied (to soften any grime/dirt/grit), prior to pressure cleaning it away.  The grime is easily removed thereafter, without damaging the surface/s.


Q. Will the High Pressure Machine knock out the Mortar, Strip the Render or Paint, when applied?

A1.      No.  The mould-remover we utilize is very effective, and as such, generally only a light pressure clean is required.


Q. Will the Mould-Remover kill my plants, garden and grass?

A1.      No.  We take good care to ensure your plants, gardens and grass lawns are covered, and are also washed down regularly to prevent any spray referral.  All residue/runoff is caught by a water pump in the gutter.


Q. Do you need to use our Power to run the Machines?  How about Water?

A1.      No.  Our pressure cleaners are water-efficient petrol machines.  If you have a water tank on your property, we generally ask that we hook up to the tank.   We utilize far less water than a typical home owner whom uses a less powerful small, pressure cleaner.


Q. What about Stencil/Coloured Driveways?

A1.      A small amount of colour may run dependent on the wear and age of your driveway.  Again, our professional process of applying the right materials to soften the grime, grit and dirt, will effectively soften the surface and reduce colour-run;

A2.     At the time of Quotation, we will examine the driveway, and discuss options with you, at that time.


Q. Do you also Seal Driveways?

A1.      Yes.   Simply request and we will provide you with a Quotation;

A2.     Sealing a concrete surface, such as a driveway, gives longevity of colour, and provides mould resistance.  Both will save you the expense of repainting your driveway.  If however a repaint is required after a full mould-remover clean, please don’t hesitate to request a Quotation;

A3.     Please note that the sealing cannot be conducted on the same day as pressure cleaning, as the concrete needs to dry over two to three days, prior;

A4.     After such time, we will return to your property to complete the sealing work : applying two coats to the driveway;

A5.     The seal will last approximately two to four years, dependent on the type, quality and age of the driveway surface.  Other factors/variables include the amount of vehicular and foot traffic on and off the driveway surface;

A6.     After the sealing has been finished, you may walk on the surface one hour after application, and in two days later, drive on it;

A7.     In our experience, concrete pressure cleaning and sealing is likely the most cost and time efficient method to enhance the street appeal of most properties.


Q. What is your Charge for Pressure Cleaning?

A.      Every wash/pressure clean is taken on ‘face value’ at your property, and a Fixed Fee Quotation will be provided.  Every endeavor is made to provide the best value for money, on a quality long-lasting clean, with the added bonus of our Exclusive Two Year Warranty.  Prices typically start from $150.00.

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Our Pressure Cleaning, House Washing and Solar Panel Cleaning is helping to reduce the GRIME RATE in Carindale, Mansfield, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart and surrounding suburbs.

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