Q. What are the Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning?

A1.      To remove grime, dirt and mould caused by traffic; aeroplane film or bird waste.  These contaminants vastly reduce the power output and efficiency of your solar panels;

A2.     Cleaning Solar Panels can immediately increase the power output by up to 30%;

A3.     Unfortunately, rain does not remove contaminants from Solar Panels – only dust;

A4.     Cleaning Solar Panels also preserves their lifespan: maintaining the panels directly equates to better value on your expensive investment, long term;

A5.     If your Solar Panel Provider Warranty has not expired, your Warranty should remain valid, given you have engaged a Professional to clean and maintain the Solar Panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Q. How often do Solar Panels require Cleaning?

A1.      Professional Solar Panel cleaning is recommended every one to two years.  If situated on a busy road or directly underneath a flight path, then maintenance of your Solar Panels is recommended annually;

A2.     Our service also includes contacting you again in future, in one or two years (as applicable) after the clean, to remind you that it is time to consider a further clean.  If you have an electrical problem with your panels, we can refer you to a local, reputable solar specialist.


Q. How do you clean the panels, without causing damage?

A.      Professional Solar Panel cleaning is undertaken manually and with great care, utilizing a soft commercial broom, a soapy water solution and hose to rinse off.  Pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals are not used for Solar Panel Cleaning.  If we notice something unusual on inspection of your Solar Panels, we will immediately notify you.


Q. How can we be assured our Solar Panels have been cleaned properly?

A.      You will immediately see that your Solar Panels have been cleaned – they will be glistening and shiny!  We will also forward to you ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for your records.  You will be able to compare the difference following cleaning, and will know that we have done a professional job.  You could also expect that your following power account will decrease and/or credits increase.


Q. What is the cost of Solar Panel Cleaning?

A1.      Our professional service for Solar Panel Cleaning typically ranges from $100 to $220 (up to 32 panels).  We are happy to provide a quotation for additional panel or Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning;

A2.     Our fixed fee is also dependent upon accessibility and safety issues. 


Q. Do you provide a Warranty for Solar Panel Cleaning?

A.      Our Two Year exclusive Warranty is not provided on Solar Panel Cleaning work.


Q. Other Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

A1.      Check your Solar Panel Inverter to check it is functioning effectively.  If you have any queries, contact a Solar Repairer/Provider or Electrician.  Check your Warranty documentation!

A2.     Don’t Risk an injury with a fall off the roof to save a few dollars on cleaning;

A3.     Think of a small investment to make some back: you will be losing money if your Solar Panels are not washed regularly.  Your outlay is well worthwhile, and in many cases, will be returned in the next quarter’s power account!

Helping to reduce the GRIME RATE in Mt Gravatt

Our Pressure Cleaning, House Washing and Solar Panel Cleaning is helping to reduce the GRIME RATE in Carindale, Mansfield, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart and surrounding suburbs.

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